We did a Survey for Android Developer Salaries in India, in mid 2021. the results are available below, with a promise of much more coming in it's way.

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Coming Soon - PaysInTech

We're working on a brand new salary aggregrator application, where you can submit your salaries anonymously, and then view the salary data with based on Companies, locations and roles.
This new application is focused only to people working in Tech, so it has much more granular details as compared to current solutions, like teams, contribution levels, languages and platforms, job role and profile, stock/ESOP/RSU details etc.
Moreover, as opposed to current solutions, it doesn't require you to login or share email or name when submitting salaries anonymously (just as anonymous should be right?).
That's not nearly all the offerings we have, there's so much more, we can't wait to share it all with you.
Did we tell you that the app will be open-source? Moreover, if you're a Kotlin enthusiast (which you likely are, since you most probably came here to view Android Dev Survey Results), you'd like to know the application is being developed with Ktor and KMP
We're working on this exciting product and will be releasing the Beta by early 2022. Subscribe to the waitlist below if you'd like to try it out once we release the beta version.

Also, we're open for FFF and Angel investments, if you'd like to discuss about investment oportunities in a tech ecosystem product, which cares for user's privacy and focuses on giving back to the community, please get in touch with our Founder Rivu -

Android Salary Survey 2021 Results

All these started with the above tweet. Received over 200 responses from Android Developers throughout the country. Collated them in graphs, based on location, job roles etc. Hope you'll find them helpful.
Feel free to view, download and share the graphs as you please, however, we'd really appreciate if you link them back here.

Current Locattion and Job roles of the participants

YEO wise Current Role
Years of Experience wise Current Role
Current Location and Job Roles of Participants

Salaries and Job Roles vs Years of Experience, Location Wise

Gujrat (Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat)
Salaries and Job Roles in Gujrat
Salaries and Job Roles in Bangalore
Salaries and Job Roles in Chennai
Delhi, Gurgaon
Salaries and Job Roles in Delhi and Gurgaon
Salaries and Job Roles in Goa
Salaries and Job Roles in Hyderabad
Salaries and Job Roles in Kolkata
Salaries and Job Roles in Mumbai
Salaries and Job Roles in Pune

Salaries based on Years of Experience

0 - 2 Years of Experience
Salaries of Android Devs with 0-2 Years of Experience
3 - 5 Years of Experience
Salaries of Android Devs with 3-5 Years of Experience
6 - 9 Years of Experience
Salaries of Android Devs with 6-9 Years of Experience
10+ Years of Experience
Salaries of Android Devs with 10+ Years of Experience

About PaysInTech

From our Founder - Rivu Chakraborty: When I started the Android Dev Salary Survey 2021, I was just curious to try it for Android Devs, after I saw a similar one for Designers. However, after seeing the volume of responses, I got an idea to create an opensource Salary Aggregrator, which will respect people's anonymity and privacy, and at the same time will show granular level compensation and job details. For example, compensation doesn't only depend on the Company, location or Job Title (say a Senior Software Engineer), it also depends a lot on Contribution Level (say L3, L4 etc.), team, and even in somecases if you're a developer, it may also depend on Platform / Frameworks etc. That's why I decided to create a service, where users can see and filter by all these details. Also on other services, which promises you anonimity and privacy, one still needs to register/login, how's it anonymous then, in PaysInTech, when an user wants to submit salary anonymously, they don't need to login/signup.
Me and few like-minded people are currently working on this, and hopefully will be releasing it by early 2022, along with some cool bonus features. We all really can't wait to show you what we got. Once we release it, we'll make the code open-source.

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